Gaz is the enduring heritage of Isfahan

26 Bahman, on the occasion of Isfahan Gaz Day, as a legacy of Isfahan's authentic Gaz conference, was held at Isfahan University, and in it, a Gaz song sung by an Isfahani singer and a Gaz symphony were unveiled.

Isfahan, the origin of Asil Gaz

Regarding the history and history of Isfahan Gaz production, unfortunately, there is no recorded and accurate information. However, according to some oral and hand-to-hand memories, Gaz has a history of 450 years, and since the Safavid era, and simultaneously with the re-blooming of Iranian art and culture in Isfahan. has come into existence

Of course, more reliable quotes indicate that; The origin and age of Gaz was from the Qajar period. So, during the period of Agha Muhammad Khan Qajar, Gaz was exported to other countries and it was usually one of the sweets that were given as gifts to the kings of other countries.

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Isfahan Gaz dating

Gaz conference, lasting heritage of Isfahan

Remembering and confirming the city of Isfahan as the original origin of Gaz

Part of Isfahan Gaz Asil conference

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Isfahan Province Food Industry Association stated in a press conference with the media on the occasion of the Isfahan Gas conference as an intangible heritage: With more than 450 years of experience in traditional production and more than a hundred years of industrial production, Isfahan gas has been registered on the country's tourism calendar as the 26th of Bahman as the original gas day of Isfahan.

Referring to the fact that the establishment of the Isfahan Province Food Industry Employers' Association dates back to 1373, Sarshughi said: "The association currently has additional activities under the support of the Ministry of Labor and the cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce of Isfahan Province. The first activities of this association are holding food industry conferences and in many cases food industry and raw materials have a very high rank.

He continued: Currently, we have 200 gas engineers, the gas industry is at least 100 years old, and the interesting thing is that this industry existed before World War II.
He stated that Gaz is an authentic Iranian product and Isfahan Gaz and Sweets Union has registered the authenticity of Gaz. Currently, there are 10,000 direct jobs in the Gaz industry.
He mentioned: Gaz has been industrialized for about 100 years, but before that it was also produced traditionally and existed since the Safavid era. So it can be estimated that Gaz is about 450 years old.

Gaz Symphony

The unveiling of Gaz Symphony with the voice of Master Alireza Eftekhari

Gallery of pictures of Gaz conference

Part of the pictures of Isfahan Gaz Asil conference

Naghme Gaz

Singer: Majid Samimi

Songwriter: shahede khodadadi

Composer and arranger: sina farzadipour

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