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About Farmanesh company

Gostaran Arayan Health Company was established in 2008 by a group of expert experts and university graduates with the aim of research and development in the field of health-oriented (useful), herbal, sugar-free and dietary food products. After nearly a decade of scientific and practical activity, it is now ready to produce and supply products with the aim of improving the health of families and dear customers.

Arayan Gostaran Health Company produces traditional Isfahan sweets under the brand name of Faramanesh, all kinds of traditional sweets such as Gaz, Sohan, and lozenge sweets, etc., and by updating the formulation, it produces traditional sweets in a low-calorie and non-calorie way. Produces sugar, gluten-free, super-beneficial, enriched and enhanced. These products can be consumed by people with diabetes and celiac disease, vegetarian and health diets, and the general public.

At Faramnesh food and dietary products supply center, we have provided all kinds of dietary and consumable sweets for diabetics and celiac patients, vegan diets and the general public in one place.

Products whose health has been confirmed after passing numerous tests and tests and has a pleasant taste. And it also brings health.
To maintain your health, stay with us to introduce you unique products that will replace the products in the market in the future and will mark a revolution in the confectionery industry.
Due to the machine life and the reduction of daily physical activity, most of the people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and metabolic diseases, and it is necessary to reduce their calorie consumption, and in this regard, we have designed diet sweets that do not contain flour and sugar and They are glucose and gluten-free, and their calories are less than the usual types, and can be consumed by diabetics and celiacs, people on slimming and health diets, and the general public.
Intelligence means aiming at a goal that others do not see, and wisdom means choosing a goal that others do not even imagine.
Faramnesh Production and Trading Group is a supplier of major orders of Isfahan Gaz and Sohan and natural and sugar-free sweets.
This collection provides you with the best quality products at reasonable prices and high supply power by having elite, committed and expert people.

Some of the products

loz coffee small size copy
loz coffee small size 2 copy
loz Cocoa small size copy
loz mix copy
loz Saffron copy
loz sugar free spirolina small size copy
poolaki coffee copy
sohan gaz 3
sohan gaz 2 copy

Honors of Farmanesh company

The important activities and approvals that Gostaran Health Company has received from various organizations and institutions during its successful activities and encouraged for entrepreneurship and creating employment in the field of producing healthy products are as follows.

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Sales Management: Engineer Nagini


Isfahan Islamic Azad University (Khorasgan)
Medicinal Plant Technology Growth Center, Arayan Gostaran Health Company


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